Compare Hospital Patient Experience

Clearview Regional Medical Center vs. Barrow Regional Medical Center

Patient Experience Comparison

Learn and compare hospital patient experience at Clearview Regional Medical Center in Monroe, Georgia and Barrow Regional Medical Center in Winder, Georgia

Quality Measure Clearview Regional Medical Center
Barrow Regional Medical Center
Summary Star Rating Summary Star Rating
Summary star rating
Fair Fair
Nurse Communication Rating Nurse Communication Rating
Nurse communication - star rating
Fair Fair
Doctor Communication Rating Doctor Communication Rating
Doctor communication - star rating
Good Average
Staff Responsiveness Rating Staff Responsiveness Rating
Staff responsiveness - star rating
Poor Poor
Pain Management Rating Pain Management Rating
Pain management - star rating
Fair Fair
Medicication Explanation Rating Medicication Explanation Rating
Communication about medicines - star rating
Poor Poor
Cleanliness Rating Cleanliness Rating
Cleanliness - star rating
Fair Poor
Quiet Rooms Rating Quiet Rooms Rating
Quietness - star rating
Good Good
Discharge Information Rating Discharge Information Rating
Discharge information - star rating
Fair Average
Care Transition Rating Care Transition Rating
Care transition - star rating
Fair Poor
Overall Hospital Rating Overall Hospital Rating
Overall hospital rating - star rating
Fair Poor
Recommend Hospital Rating Recommend Hospital Rating
Recommend hospital - star rating
Fair Poor
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The Hospital Compare program includes a scheme whereby recently discharged patients are asked to complete a standardized patient survey called the HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey. The survey asks questions that can help determine the level of care that patients received at the Medicare certified hospital that they were treated in. The information is then published for the general population.