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Readmission Rates

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The measures for unplanned readmission at Callahan Eye Hospital are estimates of any acute care hospital stay within 30 days from a previous hospitalization discharge. Patients who are admitted to the hospital might experience recurring or other problems soon after they are discharged and need to be readmitted to the hospital. The measures of 30-day unplanned readmission show when patients need to go back to the hospital due to medical conditions like: heart attack (AMI), heart failure (HF), pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), strokes; and surgical procedures, including hip/knee replacement and cornary artery bypass graft (CABG).

Some patients may even die after being readmitted to the hospital. Readmission incidents could often be prevented if hospitals follow best practices for treating patients. Each readmission performance measure is compared to a national benchmark. The readmission rates are calculated by taking into account how sick patients were before they were readmitted to the hospital.

Unplanned Readmissions Rates within 30-Days

Readmission measures evaluate what happened to patients once they left the hospital after receiving care for certain conditions. The readmission rates focus on whether patients were admitted again at the hospital 30 days of being initially discharged. The hospital readmission rates are based on patients with Medicare aged 65 and older.

The readmission rates are calculated using a risk-adjusted approach. The calculations consider how sick patients were when they were initially hospitalized. The readmission rates help make hospital comparisons accurate and meaningful for those hospitals treating treat sicker patients. Lower readmission rates are better.

MeasureHospital AverageHow this Hospital Compares
Hospital-wide unplanned 30-Day Readmission RateNot Available Measure: Hospital-wide unplanned 30-Day Readmission Rate
Sample data was collected between 07/01/2013 and 06/30/2014
Number of Cases Too Small

Rate of unplanned readmission after discharge from hospital (hospital-wide) [1]

A lower rate is better.

  • [1] The number of cases/patients is too few to report.