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Payment and Value of Care

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The payment and value of care quality measures at Coordinated Health Orthopedic Hospital evaluate the Medicare spending per beneficiary during an inpatient hospital admission through 30 days after discharge. The following measures are price-standardized and risk-adjusted: payment for heart attack, payment for heart failure patients and payment for pneumonia patients. The measures include patients 65 years or older who were enrolled in Medicare for 12 months prior to their hospitalization and 30 days after admission.

The payment measures include: payment for heart attacks, payment for heart failure patients and payment for pneumonia patients. The value of care combines measures of payment and the patient mortality rate to assess the value of care.

Medicare spending per beneficiary

MeasureHospital AverageHow this Hospital Compares
Medicare Spending per BeneficiaryHospital Rate: 0.98 Measure: Medicare Spending per Beneficiary
Sample data was collected between 01/01/2014 and 12/31/2014
National Rate: 0.98
Medicare spends ABOUT THE SAME per patient for an episode of care initiated at this hospital than it does per episode of care across all inpatient hospitals nationally.

Medicare spending per beneficiary performance rate.

Payment of Care

The payment of care measures add up all payments made to treat medical conditions starting the day the patient is hospitalized and continuing for the next 30 days. Patients admitted for a medical condition like a heart attack, heart failure, or pneumonia might need different tests, treatments, and services. The payment measures include payments made to the hospital, doctors, nurses, hospices and patient co-payments made during this time.

MeasureHospital AverageHow this Hospital Compares
Heart Failure PaymentsNot Available Measure: Heart Failure Payments
Sample data was collected between 07/01/2011 and 06/30/2014
Number of Cases Too Small

Payment for heart failure (HF) patients. [1]

  • [1] The number of cases/patients is too few to report.