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Performance: Timely and Effective Care - Process of Care Measures

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The measures of timely and effective care at Little River Memorial Hospital show how rapidly patients received recommended treatments known to get the best results for certain medical conditions. The timely and effective care measures (also known as “process of care” measures) indicate the percentage of patients who received timely treatments for common conditions, serious medical conditions or surgical procedures. These quality measures only apply to patients for whom the recommended treatment would be appropriate.

The data and graphs below compare applicable quality measures with state and national averages. Notice that small differences between different hospitals wont necessary indicate a material difference in the real world.

Heart Failure Care

The adequate treatment for heart failure patients depends on the area of heart affected. The "evaluation of the left ventricular systolic function" is a test that helps health providers determine whether the left side of the heart is pumping properly.

MeasureHospital AverageHow this Hospital Compares
Evaluation of Left Ventricular Function70% Measure: Evaluation of Left Ventricular Function
This heart failure measure is based on a sample size of 23. Sample data was collected between 04/01/2014 and 03/31/2015

Heart failure patients given an evaluation of Left Ventricular Systolic (LVS) function. This evaluation can tell your doctor whether the left side of your heart is pumping properly.

A higher percentage of LVS evaluation is better.

Pneumonia Care

Pneumonia is a lung infection that might be by caused by a bacteria or a virus. If the cause of pneumonia is bacterial, hospitals will treat the infection with the appropriate antibiotics.

MeasureHospital AverageHow this Hospital Compares
Pneumonia Patients given Antibiotic(s)95% Measure: Pneumonia Patients given Antibiotic(s)
This pneumonia measure is based on a sample size of 22. Sample data was collected between 04/01/2014 and 03/31/2015

Percentage of patients with pneumonia who received an initial antibiotic regimen during the first 24 hours consistent with current guidelines.

A higher percentage is better.